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Founded in 2005, SINCARNATE is a death metal band (with doom and black metal influences) from Bucharest, Romania, whose discography includes the On the Procrustean Bed MCD released by Axa Valaha in 2007, the As I Go Under LP (2010) and the Nothing Left to Give MCD (2013), both published under Hatework.

The band's concert schedule included so far, besides a constant presence on the Romanian scenes, numerous concerts on the international scene, in countries like Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Poland, Moldova and Bulgaria. Thus, SINCARNATE performed over time in the company of bands like Moonspell, Sodom, Nargaroth, Illdisposed, Lacrimosa, Obscura, Sado Sathanas, Agathodaimon, Demonic, Umbra et Imago or Impaled Nazarene.

The most notable international experience still remains the "At the Gates of Sehtu - European Tour", during which SINCARNATE toured opening for the legendary American band Nile, along Ex Deo, Lost Soul, Svart Crown and Saratan on multiple scenes across Europe.

Sincarnate recently launched its second full-length and fourth recording, entitled "In Nomine Homini", on the 1st of April 2017. Like the last two materials, the new album has been published by Hatework.